Here is list of some of the project that I worked on or am working on.

The list will grow in the future, at least I hope so! 😀


2019 – … Hyperdimensional computing on EEG data for epileptic seizure detection

Systematic Assessment of Hyperdimensional Computing for Epileptic Seizure Detection

2020 – 2021 Real-time Low-Complexity Beat-to-beat Impedance Cardiogram Delineation Algorithm

ReBeatICG database

ReBeatICG: Real-time Low-Complexity Beat-to-beat Impedance Cardiogram Delineation Algorithm

2019  – 2020 Multimodal bio-monitoring wearable system for workload detection

MBioTracker: Multimodal Self-Aware Bio-Monitoring Wearable System for Online Workload Detection

2018 – 2019 Analysis of muscle synergies as a tool for tracking motor recovery Variability of Muscle Synergies in Hand Grasps: Analysis of Intra- and Inter-Session Data
2018 – 2019 Design of software for detection  and correct positioning of EEG cap on a head Not public so far, project ongoing
2018 – 2019 Design of software for automatic analysis of motor evoked potentials (MEP) for needs of UPHummel Lab, EPFL For in lab purposes unfortunately :/
2016 – 2017 “Nadi shodana” breathing technique’s influence on autonomic nervous system  
2016 – 2017 Electromyographic biofeedback system “MyMyo” Exhibitions_poster
2016 Contactless assessment of HR and PTT using Eulerian video magnification  
2015 3D printer Project_documentation_cro Project_presentation_cro
2015 Heart rate variability analysis using wavelet transform MIPRO_paper


2015 Personal identification based on digital retinal images Project_report


2015 Detection of vegetation along roads using convolution neural networks Project-text


2014 – 2015 Audio phonebook for the blind people Rectors-poster



2014 Model of bees motion implemented in the simulator of biohybrid systems Bachelor_thesis-text
2013 – 2014 Coordinate control of autonomus quadcopter and mobile robots  Project_presentation_cro
2013 Educational programable mobile platform for children  
2012 Robotic arm using Nitinol wires as a muscles