Coordinate control of autonomus quadcopter and mobile robots

This project was done for a Bachelor project together with colleagues Juraj Peršić, Lucija Kopić, Niko Višnjić, Tin Serdar, Borna Vukadinović, Marsela Polić and  Goran Popović.

Here is a copy of Goran’s post about this project.


Project had mythological background: Hercules (quadcopter) needs to group a herd of cattle (mobile robots) in the stable (black square).


Parrot AR.DRONE 2.0 has a camera which records the ground beneath it. Camera is used for a localization of the quadcopter and to find a stable and the mobile robots. Quadcopter was communicating with the notebook which processed recorded video and controlled the position of the quadcopter.

At the beginning the quadcopter searched for the platforms and the stable. When they were found, quadcopter had to calculate which platform was most likely to escape from the arena and direct that platform to the stable.

Mobile platforms

mOway robots were used to simulate the cattle. Each platform had an IR proximity sensor and a colored triangle on top. Platforms were moving forward and then rotated around themselves. The distance and angle which defined the trajectory were randomly selected every time. After stepping in the stable, platform would stop and stayed there.

When the IR proximity sensor had sensed that the quadcopter is above it at height smaller than set, platform stopped moving and started rotating until the quadcopter moved.

Image processing

OpenCV library was used in image processing. Every second an image from the video was processed in order to find the location of the quadcopter, platforms and stable. The arena was split in 9 squares with gray stripes of different width so that the crossings could help in localization of the quadrotor. Furthermore, mobile platforms had colored triangle which enables differentiate platforms and determine their orientation.







— written by Goran Popović


More about the project can be read here Project_presentation_cro  but unfortunately it is in Croatian.

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