I’m Una, electrical engineer working on biomedical applications of electronics, wearable devices and machine learning.

Currently, I’m a PhD student at EPFL in Lausanne, working in Embedded systems lab. One part of the lab focuses on optimizing computational, memory and energy requirements of biomedical applications on wearable (on edge, IoT) devices. I’m trying to focus on different data representations and computational approaches such as muscle synergies (for EMG data representation) and symbolization (for EEG data). We are as well trying to combine these approaches with new methods such as hyperdimensional computing. I’m currently focused on the detection of epileptic seizures and mental workload assessment.

Previously, I spend 2 years working in lab applying tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation ) and TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) for the recovery of stroke patients and enhancement of motor learning.

In the future, I plan to maybe shift more towards computational social sciences and using big data to try to understand the world, people, rules, and policies better.

I’m also passionate about trying to make things happen, trying to motivate people, projects, ideas. Some of these needs I’m satisfying at the moment by being active in non-profit organization Penkala, which focuses on young Croatian scientists and researchers in academia and industry and tries to bring them together, to foster connections, sharing experiences, knowledge and promote projects and collaborations. Some of the projects we are leading are „Slušalica“ – first Croatian scientific podcast, „Penkalin blog“  – blog with the research of Croatian scientists and many science talks and events, of which the biggest is Mutimir. If you are Croatian and would like to know more or get involved please write to me! 😊

I really like spending time outside, whether mountaineering, climbing, skiing, cycling or just slacklining, learning juggling or making drone videos. Good book, good discussion, social game, DIY things, working action, or a movie are always more than welcome too! 😀

In the tabs above you can read about various projects, I worked on during the last few years (needs to be updated though), through which I tried to define my field of interest.
You can also read about my hobbies and maybe find some useful links. Also, for more information, my CV is attached, or rather contact me through the contact form.

Please feel free to contact me on una[dot]pale[at]gmail[dot]com or through  contact form! 😀

Some of the social networks where you can find me too:

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