Interests and hobbies


I decided to try salsa three years ago on a dance course together with Waltz, WienneseWaltz, DiscoFox, Rock n Roll, Cha Cha Cha etc. I liked it the most because of the energy and passion and variety and all the possible combination of moves.

Also, in Zagreb there are several salsa parties happening every week so that you can practice. For most of other dances there is no opportunity to practice since parties are very rare.

Along the way I really started enjoying salsa rhythm and beat so I decided to slowly gather Salsa songs in my Youtube playlist. If you are interesting, feel free to check it out: Salsa playlist


There is almost no outdoor and adventurous sport that I wouldn’t try. Some of them I practice are mountaineering, skiing, boarding, cycling, climbing etc.

This year I passed alpine hiking course and I’m so excited about coming summer to try many new ferratas. I finally bought touring skies and equipment so that any season is an opportunity for endless adventures.

When not having time to go someone in mountains I love to practice slack-line or learn juggling. On my google photos account you can find some images from trips πŸ™‚

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I loove photography. I just feel bad if there is a beautiful scenery or a moment and I’m not able to capture it. I just don’t have enough time to process all the photos that I take :/
There are several things I love to capture: detail, flowers, doors πŸ™‚ Here are some galleries, and more will be posted soon.


I like to draw and to make things with my hand. I’m not actually very good artist but I love to try new techniques and this process of learning, experimenting and eventually slightly improving. In future I’ll post here some collections of thingy I did, first I need to find them πŸ™‚

Last project I had were Christmas postcards. Gallery with some of them can be seen on facebook page The Leaf ArtΒ  or in my google photos gallery πŸ™‚


I enjoy doing everything by myself. I hate throwing things. I collect things. Too many of them. Then some of them I repair, some I redesign and use for something else. In future I plan to post some of DIY tutorials! πŸ˜€